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President & Owner

“I think my best asset is my ability to analyze both current and future opportunities as well as their associated challenges. When I encounter a challenge, I cut to the facts of the cause. From there, I analyze solutions. I choose the best solution based on the pros and cons and move forward. When an opportunity presents itself I use the same method. I never get stressed when adversity appears because I enjoy solving the puzzle. Lastly, I surround myself with great people and delegate.”


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Vice President of Construction

“I believe my best assets are my leadership, ability to communicate with others, and I never miss an opportunity to sprinkle in a sense of humor.  After moving from the quiet beach town of Oceanside California, I was fortunate to grow up in Manatee County. I have two amazing children and an Angel of a wife. We are an outdoor family that seeks adventure whether it be water or land-based. I love watching life through my children’s eyes and enjoy coaching them as they encounter new experiences, opportunities, and challenges. My Grandfather was an Engineer on the Earth Landing System for NASA and I have my USCG 100 Ton Master Captain License.”


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“I think my best asset is patience and willingness to teach. I have lived in Manatee County for 42 years and have been in construction for 41 years. I moved around a lot when I was growing up and went to eleven different schools and 4 different high schools. My family is important in my life. I have three beautiful children and will be promoted to Grammy this year.”

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Assistant Controller

“I think my best asset is my attention to detail and ability to execute. I was born and raised in Manchester, New Hampshire. I moved to Florida five years ago and absolutely love it. There is something so nourishing about waking up to sunshine every day.  My family means everything to me and I am a proud Auntie of my nephew, Gavin, and my niece, Kensley. I am also a dog mom of a Shih Tzu named Louie.”